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Managing Risk: Workplace Inspections

Global Power Technologies Jul 4, 2024 11:14:39 AM

Regular workplace inspections are essential for proactively managing risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, promoting a safety-conscious culture, and protecting the well-being of our employees and visitors. Here at GPT, our joint health and safety committee members team up to complete our monthly inspections for both of our facilities. 

Regular facility inspections serve as a valuable tool to help prevent incidents and injuries. By proactively identifying hazards such as equipment deficiencies, housekeeping issues, or maintenance concerns, our team can get ahead of hazards and take corrective actions before an incident occurs. While particularly beneficial in the manufacturing industry where we operate, facility inspections provide the same advantages across all industries. 

Regular facility inspections also contribute significantly to enhancing our internal safety performance. Each inspection provides an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of existing safety measures and pinpoint areas where improvements can be made. This ongoing process helps us adapt to changes in our operations and stay on top of potential risks.  

If you’re considering implementing regular facility inspections, it’s advisable to create a customized checklist or inspection sheet tailored to your needs. Here is a link to the CCOHS website offering general information on inspection checklist items and examples for various industries.

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