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The Safety Challenge of All-Weather Testing

Laura Kennedy Jan 30, 2024 1:01:01 PM

When the snow and cold weather of winter arrive, the importance of reliable power becomes more salient than ever. This is why all our products are tested to ensure they are reliable in the coldest of temperatures. Here in Calgary, our engineering team has a dedicated testing area where they have an opportunity to conduct real-world cold-weather product testing for a few months every year.  One challenge with outdoor product testing is countless trips outside in cold, snowy or icy conditions to monitor how well equipment is performing. 

Accumulations of fresh snow can quickly turn to ice and become hazardous for anyone walking on it. Our team consistently pitches in to clear snow before it turns to ice which prevents slips and falls. In addition to the obvious hazards of braving the cold weather and walking on slippery surfaces, shoveling snow can be a physically demanding activity and is an often overlooked risk for those with pre-existing health conditions, particularly in the cardiovascular area. 

On average, Calgary experiences 128 cm of snowfall annually. This has given us many opportunities to find efficient ways to clear snow, allowing our engineering team to continue product testing through the winter months. Luckily, we have found a solution that allows us to clear a path to our outdoor testing area quickly and effectively.

For those of you who guessed a snowblower…you are correct! We have found this piece of equipment very helpful not only in clearing snow but also in preventing ice buildup and reducing the likelihood of slips and falls. It also provides a valuable benefit of reducing the amount of time our team is exposed to the cold weather. As a self-propelled piece of equipment, the physical strain on the body is much lower than traditional shoveling, providing an additional benefit in injury reduction. 

Following hands-on training sessions, our team has become very comfortable with the snowblower. At a moment’s notice, our team is ready to minimize any disruptions caused by snow and continue our product testing year-round. 

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