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Fire Extinguisher Safety

Global Power Technologies Jun 3, 2024 5:18:53 PM

Let’s talk about an extremely important, albeit, not the most exciting, task: monthly fire extinguisher inspections. These checkups are essential in ensuring your fire extinguishers are ready for use in the event of an emergency. To maintain regulatory compliance, employers in Alberta must have a designated member of their staff or a contractor perform a monthly inspection of the portable fire extinguishers in their workplace. 

Here at Global Power Technologies, we have a great team that consistently ensures our fire extinguishers are checked every month. Monthly inspections require that each fire extinguisher is accessible and functional in the event it is ever needed.

Here are some of the items our team looks for:

Missing Extinguishers – Make sure all extinguishers are in their designated locations. Any missing extinguishers should be replaced immediately. 

Accessibility – Ensure each fire extinguisher is accessible and is not blocked by objects or obstacles. Any obstacles should be removed to ensure unimpeded access.

Physical Condition – Examine the extinguisher for any physical damage such as dents, missing pieces or any other signs of damage. Damaged extinguishers must be removed from service immediately.

Safety Pins and Seals – Ensure pins and seals are intact. Missing pins and/or seals may be an indication the extinguisher has been used or tampered with. 

Nozzle and/or Air Hose – Ensure the nozzle or hose is free from obstructions and in good condition.

Verify Pressure Gauge – Verify the gauge is in the operable range. Most extinguishers have a dial with a green area to indicate the extinguisher is in the operable range. Don’t forget to lift the fire extinguisher to verify that its weight is consistent with fire extinguishers of a similar size and type.

Verify Inspection Tag – Ensure the serial number on the inspection tag matches the fire extinguisher. Sign each tag to indicate the monthly inspection has been completed.  

Don’t forget that as well as monthly inspections, employers must arrange for an annual certified fire extinguisher technician inspection.

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