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Information and resources for the off-grid energy transition.

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Let’s talk about an extremely important, albeit, not the most exciting, task: monthly fire extinguisher inspections. These checkups are essential in ensuring your fire..

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Using TEGs to Maximize Site Investments

In the Canadian and American oil and gas markets, thermoelectric generators (TEGs) are a familiar sight. These workhorses are considered the most dependable source of unattended..

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The Safety Challenge of All-Weather Testing

When the snow and cold weather of winter arrive, the importance of reliable power becomes more salient than ever. This is why all our products are tested to ensure they are..

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Safety at Global Power Technologies

Did you know Global Power Technologies has two manufacturing locations? Both locations are within the province of Alberta, one in Calgary and the other in Bassano. Our locations..

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Methane Abatement: Moving the oil & gas industry towards Net-Zero with Instrument Air

Net-zero emissions goals are a common topic of discussion in today’s oil & gas industry. Within this conversation, there is a school of thought that regulations mandating action..

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