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Global Power Technologies

M-Series Power Generators


More Power!

M-Series prime power generators provide reliable, uninterrupted and efficient power with the most appropriate generation technology selected for our clients’ off-grid applications.


These systems are most commonly designed for over 500W and up to 5kW but custom applications can be designed up to 35kW. 

M-Series systems are typically continuous operation generation solutions; GlobalCharge systems can be selected for multiple generator and battery bank cycle operations.


Pipeline Telecom Instrument Air 


M-Series Power Generators

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)


CHP applications consume up to 50% less fuel than competitive technologies and operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -40C to +40C. 


CHP systems can deliver a mix of heat, DC power and AC power for year-round reliable operations to your remote site. 


Heat and power available vary by application, but as an example, a 5kW Combined Heat and Power system can offer up to 10kW (34,000 BTU/hr).

The optimal solution

These systems are housed within self-contained, climate-controlled units – either reach-in or walk-in to meet client preferences. 

Global Power Technologies works with clients to understand nominal and peak load as well as redundancy requirements to deliver the right mix of DC/AC power and heat for their application. 


  • High efficiency which translates to low emissions
  • Excellent turn-down range
  • Rated for outdoor use
  • Optional connection to utility grid
  • Integrated heat recovery
  • 10,000-hour maintenance interval
  • Low noise output
  • Natural gas, propane or diesel systems available

can be outfitted with

  • Remote start
  • Remote monitoring
  • Station battery package
  • Solar hybrid integration

With Great Power Comes Great Service

With minimal training, our systems are easily serviced yourself, but we are available to provide professional service any time, any place.

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