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We make solar work


Thermoelectric (TEG) and M-Series Generators are the perfect companion to solar (PV) power systems.

Solar-only systems face challenges including available daily sunlight, extreme temperatures, seasonal shading and debris covered solar panels (snow, dirt/dust, sand, etc.). When you combine the power of solar with a TEG or M-Series generator the result is the most reliable off-grid power system available on the market today.

Solar Hybrid Brochure


Retrofit it!

Do you have an existing PV system that fails to meet your power requirements or is costing too much to maintain?

Simply add a TEG or M-Series generator to your existing site to create a powerful and energy efficient hybrid system.

Any Season

Any Weather

Any Time

  • Most reliable remote power solution available on the market today
  • Lowest operating cost on the market
  • Commercially available fuel vs. imported specialty fuels
  • Low emissions
  • Optimizes and extends battery life
  • Minimal annual maintenance

With Great Power Comes Great Service

With minimal training, our systems are easily serviced yourself, but we are available to provide professional service any time, any place.

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