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Peak Power - Your TEG and Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Global Power Technologies Aug 15, 2022 2:18:28 PM

Global Power Technologies’ (GPT) Thermoelectric Generators (TEG) are one of the most reliable sources of remote, off-grid power available on the market today, with a service life of 20+ years.

Much like an automobile, regularly scheduled maintenance is an important part of your TEG’s lifecycle to ensure reliable and continuous uninterrupted power. When properly maintained, the TEG will offer peak performance and prevent unscheduled service.

GPT recommends the following service to be performed annually by on-site personnel:

  • Visual inspection of all components
  • Electrode replacement
  • Fuel regulator filter and O-ring replacement
  • Battery health check

GPT offers in-house and on-site TEG Training and is available to answer any questions you may have regarding TEG service. If you require parts or assistance with your TEG maintenance, please contact our Customer Service department at (403) 720-1190 or via email at

In addition, GPT can service the TEG in Calgary and provides a convenient Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form on our website.

With minimal annual maintenance, you’ll ensure the best performance possible from your TEG and enjoy the benefit of years of uninterrupted and continuous power.

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